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Places of the Heart: A Valentine for East Timor

Part Two of my 2012 Valentine’s Day posts. 

Places are a lot like people. Some you’ve known since childhood, met through your parents, through school, mutual friends. These are the forever friends.

Some you get to know out of choice, because you heard how much fun they were, or whom you met through your work, vocation, or wherever your passions and interests led. They offer your spirit much-needed distraction, sanctuary, and adventure.

Then there are the places that God introduces. Some of them you’ve heard of, because they are headliners, newsmakers because of war, genocide, unrest, and poverty.

From being a news headline, the place becomes real as introductions are made, a lot of times without your knowing when or why. There is a face (an agglomerate of its people), a personality (arising from its culture), and warily, carefully, you shake hands.

The friends which God brings into your life are the most interesting, sometimes these are the ones which offer great challenge, opportunity, growth, and blessing where and when you least expect. I know this from the actual friends I’ve made or got reacquainted with in recent times, these whom my life criss-crosses, runs parallel with, shares community with.

Places are a lot like that.

Last night, I met a new friend who resides three hours by plane away in the eastern end of the vast Indonesian archipelago. Her name is Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor).

It looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

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