Letters of Life

A Valentine for the Inimitable Miss Whitney Houston (9 Aug 1963 — 11 Feb 2012)

This was her first album Whitney Houston released in 1985.

Her second album, Whitney, released in the summer of 1987, made chart history when she became the first female artist to debut at Number 1 on the Billboard 200 charts.

It was summer in Bloomington, and I saw her fresh, beautiful face everywhere on posters plastered in the malls and in the music stores, her voice endlessly heard over the radio stations. I’d never heard that kind of voice before, strong, emotional, controlled, pitch-perfect, and pure R & B.

MTV loved her.

Hers was the voice that sang me to sleep in my college years as my Walkman played in the dark.

The cry in her voice, so emotional, helped me when I had no more tears to cry.

Where do broken hearts go,

Can they find their way home

Back to the open arms of a love that’s waiting there?

And if somebody loves you

Won’t they always love you?

She had her one moment in time, and maybe she did know where broken hearts went, for hers was a tumultous life. All the others that came after could never quite hold a candle to her, this lady with her style, her tone, the richness, the softness, the gentleness of her voice.

Rest in peace, Miss Houston.

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