Letters of Life

Once and Again

Dear subscribers, I must apologise for the lack of a link on the previous post, which you can read here. (This is what comes of experimenting with stickies.)


What are some things you find hard to refuse?

#3 has always been a tough one for me. Take today, for instance. Coordinating a wedding, alone, yet not quite alone, which came to fruition today, has been for the most part, good practice for me and inevitable. A young friend asked for help and such pleas, I can’t resist.

I might take the next few days to recover from a lack of continuous deep sleep, something my body craves but can’t seem to get enough of. So I will be reposting old favourites, things you might not have read because buried too deep, or you are just arrived to featherglass. Either way, I hope you enjoy the trip back with me . . .

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  1. Why don’t you split the sub-header on your blog between ‘whimsical.’ and ‘There’? It would look nicer and read better. That said, I find it hard to refuse editorial work and old friends who want to makan.

  2. Good suggestion. It’s a tagline so the lines run on, can’t split. How does it look now with the tagline on the side? Re: editorial work, I hope you can write a post spoofing Featherglass after your big April deadline? 😀

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