Letters of Life

Lent 2012

Lent is upon us, it seems. What will you not be doing?

Previous Lent posts here have been getting a lot of hits, as people start looking up what it’s like to give up the social networks for 40 days. Here’s the Lent list:

Ten Tips On Successfuly Giving Up Facebook for Lent (2011)

All of the Above (2010)

Thoughts After One Week of Lent (2010)

Lenten Thoughts (2011)

Almost There — Day 34/40 of Lent 2011

Day 35 — Angels (2010)

Let me give it to you: It’s hard at first, and you get withdrawal symptoms. That’s when you realize you’re addicted. Because you can’t stand not knowing what everyone is doing, or posting, and it’s a party that you’ve voluntarily locked yourself out of.

But it gets better. The real world is all there for you to rediscover, your friends never left, and they are only a phone call, a text message, or an email away.


3 Responses »

  1. I am feeling very inspired by your sharing, Dear Yu Ming!
    Looking forward to embark on my first Lent journey next week… 🙂

    • Thank you for reading, Audrey! What are you giving up for Lent? Facebook? Let me know how you are doing from time to time re: your Lenten journey, ok?

      • Yes, YM! I’ll be giving up Facebook for Lent… plus my routine midnight sweets indulgence!! 😀 I will surely keep you updated re: my very first Lenten journey!

        Also, it’s been such a joy & blessing to read your ever so thought provoking & heartfelt sharing… They do inspire me in so many ways… Thank you! Keep writing and hope I’ll get to listen to your music some time, too!
        God bless you, Wonder Woman 🙂

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