Letters of Life

Five Reasons Why Trekking Beats Shopping

Three Things I Learned About Life From Trekking

#1: That it’s good to get out of the valley and start walking up the hill.

Taking a hike uphill means climbing out of the valley. It’s a chance to refocus.

As you walk your way up, all you hear are the sound of cicadas and myriad insects shrilling around the tall trees.  You have only one intent for that day: To get to the summit. It’s all you think about for the next two hours.

#2: Time is an eternity when you’re walking upwards. (And downwards).

#3: When you summit, you don’t stay at the top for very long. Long enough to rest, enjoy the sense of accomplishment, the view, the sense of camaraderie with fellow trekkers, and then it’s time to go down. Life is at the bottom of the hill, not at the top.

Two Things I Learned About Myself

#1: Being fitter than before helped me enjoy the climb going up and going down.

#2: That the peak experience helped my confidence.

The first time I looked at the hill, in the late morning arriving into town, I tried to size up its difficulty at a distance and all I I felt was apprehension.

The second time I looked at the hill, it was from a car window going home, and it was a whole different perspective. I’d  walked under the canopy of trees, clung to tree roots for balance stepping up, grasped the mossy stones for footholds, and eventually got to the place where there was nowhere else to climb.

It’s good to stop climbing. It’s good to reach the top, even if it’s just for a little while.

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