Letters of Life

Day 31, Lent 2012

The last lap, as it were, of the Lenten season. Just nine more days to go.

I will be writing about my insights of Lent 2012, the lessons I learned, etc after Easter on April 8th. As it stands, it appears that numbers are acquiring an unsual significance this time round.

For instance, this happens to be my 31st day of Lent 2012. It also happens to be the day someone I know turns the same number of years. Along similar lines, my last post featured the significance of 3:16 in a timely way.

Are the numbers significant?

Only if one sees a connection. I’ve always been big on connections, linking unlikely and odd things, seeing links where only a few do, being a people-connector (when the mood or need arises.)

Numbers are metaphors of meaning, and many branches of mathematics deal with that. Consequently, much of life is understood through numbers, because they are symbolic, calculable, sizeable and yes, philosophical.

Apropos of nothing, from the wellspring of numbers bloomed an image of an umbrella. I’d forgotten all about it. Until now.

Dear friend, I remember you lent me a stylish black
Umbrella years ago: a sudden afternoon
Monsoon swept in, so you plucked the thing out of a stylish black
Bag. You said it would keep me dry walking in the rain

Under the surface of placid waters were storms I
Never knew you had to face innumerous
Numerous times, usually umbrellaless
Yet you were always under the shelter of His wings.

Do share your thoughts about Lent so far. 

* * *


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