Letters of Life

Some Notes Post-Lent

Forty days is a long time to subject oneself to abstinence of anything. One man’s giving up Facebook is another woman’s abstinence from shopping, and in my case, it was both and then some. Revelations about myself (I’m constantly in denial), about where I’m going and where I’m being led — these take more than a day or two to consolidate. Still, it is good to turn back the pages of my journal and look at the things that bothered me, that made me think and obsess about.

Noteworthy events over the last 40 days:

1. Rediscovered classical music

2. Wrote a song

3. Climbed a hill

4. Got interested in Pinterest (the alluring online pin board), got a poet’s scolding, shied off it the rest of Lent

5. A book launch and reconnecting with a friend from newspaper days

6. A surprise visit from another old friend from a far away place

7. Lunch with a favourite aunt and uncle  I don’t get to see often enough

8. Ran in the pouring rain for the very first time. Also ran in a race in borrowed shoes

9. Read, wrote, sang, and was on the keys more than previously

10. Blessed by teenagers under the same roof. They make good porters when one goes grocery shopping, eat up leftovers on my dinner plate by the sink, keep me up-to-date with pop culture , and prove to be an interested audience in listening to glory days of college life, working life, and the life I lived before they knew they had arrived in my world.


1. Am removing my birthdate off Facebook. I’ve enjoyed the remembrances of five friends who were able to without any online prompts the past 20 years and I realize I prefer it this way. It’s more meaningful when people choose to remember.

2. Keep running.

More to come.

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  1. Dear Ming,

    It has been a really special time of reflection and soul-searching for me during this Lent (my first ever one, and I’m sure to go on it again)… being away from Facebook.

    What took me by surprise, was the true sense of liberation and joy which I have experienced during this time, for I knew that I was quite an addict before this and having this somehow peculiar liberating joy was not what I had expected.
    And yet, I did. And I want this joy to stay.

    Your posts during this time have been encouraging and inspiring to me… reading your posts on running reminded me to ‘Be persistant and run this Lenten race with determination, joy and purpose’. Thank you, Ming… I have been very blessed!

    I shall share some of my noteworthy events some other time! Keep Well, Wonderwoman! God bless!

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