Letters of Life


Part Nine in the Colour series.

A child of beautiful white and elegant black, grey encompasses all the lovely things of its perfect parents.

Grey ( I prefer the English to the American spelling “gray”, for the “e” makes the word look elegant and lively) is favoured both by the sophisticated, the simple, and the rugged. Not only is grey synonymous with all things athletic and the outdoors, but shades of grey adorn the walls of Manhattan drawing rooms in pied-a-terres overlooking Central Park and in urban roof gardens.

Grey is Life, where few things are truly black and white. But you find your ground and stake your position, though even these stakes will move in your journey through this sometimes bright, sometimes dark, grey world of ours.

On a personal note, this turned out to be an awesome weekend, bookended by events led by the original members of New Zealand’s Parachute Band, who came to visit. It’s amazing how musicians you’ve admired deeply and from afar for years on end suddenly share the same space as you, leading you in worship, inspiring and teaching all at the same time. And beyond all that, is more, or what you imagine is more because of their warmth and personality.

Such things are hardly grey; incredulousness and wonder fall on a warmer spectrum of colour.

The warmth, fleeting as it was, is pink in colour. Like an umbrella that was opened this afternoon, a neon pink one, a shelter from a brisk walk in the afternoon rain.

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  1. One of my favourite songs is this one.

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