Letters of Life


Something has died

and I can’t hide and

I just can’t fake it . . .  Carol King, Tapestry (1971)

Burnout is something you’ve all felt before. That feeling of deep tiredness, fatigue, that terrifying listlessness one struggles against.

One cause of burnout, I learned recently, is not so much that we’re solving problems, but that we are trying to solve the same problems over and over.

I’m walking away from one or two problems that seem unsolvable, that keep perpetuating. I’m letting them go and I’m walking away. At least, I hope I am. There’s this bad habit of making as if to walk away but actually I’m just circling.

This is all bad writing: when too many sentences start with the letter ‘I.’

Here’s what’s needed: To get outside of myself. Actually, I just need to get out.

I often try to not let my low moods show in this space. It’s not what you, my readers, want to read about. I know I wouldn’t. But I decided that sometimes, a blog can decide to go personal, can have a persona that suffers bad days, low moods, and tell it’s readers that’s what’s going on. As to the hows and whys, everyone has their own story, and sometimes the details don’t matter. Everybody feels the same way, or has felt that way before.

As long as I don’t bend and break, everything is going to be okay.


3 Responses »

  1. Embrittlement – the osteoporosis of one’s nature.

  2. I sometimes feel the same way too…
    A fatigue so deep that one doesn’t even need sleep anymore… But rather, the motivation to keep going… My sort of Burnout, I guess.

    And yes, we will be okay! I hope you will be out from the Burnout zone soon, Ming!
    PS: I am still enjoying this post nevertheless

  3. Grand Poobah: Yes, that is a good definition.
    Audrey: Thanks for the comment! I hope you haven’t been feeling this way recently, and yes, I do feel I’m climbing out of this zone towards recovery. But it’s going to take a while. : )

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