Letters of Life

Always Summer

He Enjoys Brideshead Revisited (Credit: Nedrichards)

June bids the start of summer, and though things don’t change where I live–either it rains or it doesn’t–in my mind, the sky is a stronger shade of blue, the morning air as soft as the evening twilight, and one decides to collect white dresses. Afterall, these are like snowflakes; no two are ever alike.

Summer has its own soundtrack too. It could be an overplayed radio hit that turns into a summer anthem in the malls, it could be a nostalgic tune that recalls endless summer nights.

This one I chanced upon is called Always Summer, from the soundtrack of the film version of Brideshead Revisited. It’s a lovely piece of piano music, accompanied by some strings.

It calls up intimations of flowing water, soft light, voices of people you once knew so well, being up in the air, running lightly through the forest, and something of who you once were, perhaps a thousand years ago.

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  1. Summer has magically arrived in London this week and everyone is out busking in the sun, making the best out of this often short-lived summer of rich greens and long daylights.
    I am extremely enjoying the latter, as it seems like there is still much time for other activities – sun sets only at 10PM 🙂

    And yes, white dresses and white pants are the essentials of the British Summer – this year in exception, blues and reds too – as the nation celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend – a summer of celebrations 🙂

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