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Featherglass’ Top Ten Posts Thus Far

It’s time for an update of the Top Ten Posts Thus Far on featherglass.

The top post of all time is the one on the Top 10 Things To Do This Summer, written about a year ago today. Summer is long and slow, a marching band playing on a pier of long days and slow nights. That this is a much-Googled topic must mean there’s a need for ideas to fill in the hours.

One summer night, spent in a place where there are four seasons, lies untouched in memory.  A girl on her first trip to the US, my newlymade friend, stayed in my summer rental in a Midwestern university town in the US. That evening, we went grocery shopping at midnight at a 24-hour supermarket. We rode pillion on two motorbikes while our friends took us rolling up and down hills in the little college town, roaring past fireflies in the dark. We talked until dawn, and found ourselves ordering ham and eggs at a local diner at six a.m. One day in my life.

Whatever you do this summer, or rather, whatever summer finds you doing, I hope you’ll gain a memory or two which will last a lifetime. These things can’t be engineered.

The themes of the top ten range from dolls to friendship to food, books, and local history. It makes for varied pastures, a small buffet for the reader who likely likes a bit of randomness in his online reading diet, and not necessarily a diet that fills one with useful knowledge or marketable skills.

I’d say reading stuff on featherglass is much like stumbling into a village shop, the kind found in old towns 15 minutes by bike outside of a city.

Pools of light call attention to artisanal offerings, and you might find yourself picking up a blue-tinged Mason glass jar filled with handmade cookies or wondering what the Pantone guide is here for and who would be interested in something like that.

English: this is a picture of my Barbie dollThen all of a sudden, a family of golliwog dolls sitting on a wooden side table would catch your eye.

On with the list:

#2: Barbie And Me 
Date of post: 5 August 2010
At number two, this little tribute I wrote to the Barbie doll almost two years ago means there are many people out there who share the same admiration as I for the world’s most favourite blonde.

#3: On Love & Friendship
This is a page with a handpicked list of my musings on love and friendship, which happen to be some of the great motivational forces in our lives.

#4: Who I Am
A definitive introduction of the personality behind featherglass.

#5: The (Not S0) Random Connection 
Date of post: 21 November 2010

This post was about my friendship with a woman from my mother’s generation. She may inhabit a different world, for our paths seldom cross, but somehow she, or what she represents, fills up the spaces of the memories of my youthful past, and we go back a long way, even though I met her two years ago.

#6: A SIRI-Ass Conversation
Date of post: 11 November 2011

This is one for the digital age and the much-hailed era of voice recognition.

#7: Brains and Prawn
Date of post: 20 january 2011

Not a gourmand, not a chef, I seldom do food posts. But when I do, it’s usually worth a mention in the blogosphere.

#8: The Strokes of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Date of post: 28 January 2011

Quotes from the American writer’s works, all of which are soft and tender, nostalgic, and from another age.

#9: Come Thou Font of Every Blessing: Steve Jobs (1955–2011)
Date of post: 10 June 2011

This was a small tribute to Steve Jobs, Mr Macintosh. That name derives from the old days, these days he’s remembered for iEverything. I like to remember him more than a great inventor/visionary of gadgets of the Digital Age. He was so much more than that.

#10: A Great House of the Past
Date of post: 22 February 2011

This is a tribute to a house that no longer exists. But it doesn’t matter. For just like old friends who no longer speak to each other, it is always there, never crumbling, never falling into disrepair. It is forever.

Enjoy these posts.


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