Letters of Life

Avoiding the Downbeat


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Sometimes it works out when one has lowered expectations of some upcoming event. It could be an occasion, a vacation, a visitation, an obligation.

Random thoughts like these could flit across your mind: It might not be that fun. . . I have to watch my atttitude. . . I might be bored. . . The company might annoy. I might annoy. . . Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all. . . I don’t have any good ideas at all. . .

The reality, it turns out, is not what you expected. There are moments when the hours fly. When the imagined dread turns out to be the stunted worries of an over-active imagination.

The reality becomes a pleasant surprise, like a surprise gift on a Tuesday morning. It’s when the conversation is good and meaningful, when one gleans new insights, new perspectives on new disappointments and old burdens, when laughter is the best medicine.

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