Letters of Life

These Golden Hours (Part II)

Here is my song for the asking
Ask me and I will play
So sweetly, I’ll make you smile

This is my tune for the taking
Take it, don’t turn away
I’ve been waiting all my life . . .

                                                                  Paul Simon, Song for the Asking (1969)

 Somewhere around the corner unseen is a song. The words must not get lost. Walking closely behind it is a chord progression. And possibly not far off in the distance, a melody.

These Golden Hours   Not a related post, but the title still works. . .

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  1. Pshaw! Such posts aren’t meant to be graded as such….if all my posts were, I’d never have started featherglass! : )

  2. Hi, I was wondering since you have not used the website URL Featherglass.com if you wouldn’t mind turning it back over to me. I owned this domain years ago prior to you and used for a blog as well as it’s my business name “Featherglass” Its also been my social media handle. As it’s my business name and you don’t seem to be utilizing the blog any longer then perhaps you’d be willing to kindly give up that domain and choose another to keep the blog under.


  1. My 2012 | f e a t h e r g l a s s

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