Letters of Life

Month: August 2012

Enter September

Ever since I can remember, I have wished I was born in September. September. . . the very word is a lyric. I mean, have you ever heard a song with the word August in it? I was born in late late August, the middle month of summer, better late than never. But oh, September… Read More ›

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A Party Like No Other; Or Why Surprise Parties Last Forever

There are many kinds of birthday gifts one can bestow on the important people in your life. They range from the spoken wish, the wish that is texted, emailed, written on someone’s Timeline, handcrafted cards, presents, simple dinners, the throwing of parties, whether big or small. If you’re like me, you like giving other people… Read More ›

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The Strangest Gift

Truth: The strangest gift I’ve ever received was a tooth. I was not yet 25, perhaps. It was a large tooth, a tooth of wisdom, exhibiting signs of wear and tear, plaque, and roots and all. “Here,” said the giver, extending the tooth to me in an open palm. “I’m giving you a part of… Read More ›

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Childhood (Part 1)

84 Sophia Road. This road was always pronounced So-fire by my grandmother who lived there, and by my school principal, my school being at the top of Mount Sophia, the missionary-founded Methodist Girl’s School (1887). I lived in suburban Holland Road about 20 minutes from the city, but I spent the better part of 13… Read More ›

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Southern California.  “How ’bout a round of mahjong?” My sister, 21, said. We were sitting on red foldable chairs in the kitchen of my sister’s two-bedroom apartment, drinking Coke, because this was way back when Starbucks was still sleepless in Seattle. My artsy sister had crafted vintage tea-cups into lamps which swung above the kitchen… Read More ›

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I love the way it sounds. Cadence. It could be a girl’s name. Cadence is rhythmic flow, the footfall in the inflection of a voice at the tail of a sentence, the beat of movement expressed by dancers, musicians, poets, and soldiers. In runners, the meaning is a little more prosaic, and is merely the… Read More ›

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Conversations (Part 1)

A recent conversation. Me: I can’t speak French because I can’t roll my ‘R’s. I sound like Elmer Fudd. Seriously. Friend: Rrrrrrr . . . Rrr–rrrr. I learned that from a cat. Me: I could not learn it from anybody. I tried. I cannot. How’s your cat? Friend: My cat’s OK. I learned it from… Read More ›

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A Gem of an Idea: Christmas 2012 Palette

On short notice, I suddenly found myself supervising the colour scheme for the coupons to be used during my church’s upcoming Christmas Bazaar. Small job yes, but these coupons will have a high visibility from the time they are sold (a month from now) right up to the day itself, when it will be the… Read More ›

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A Taste of Lavender

You’d think lavender ice cream would be gossamer purple and smell of wild spring-summer. Instead the one served on Friday afternoon at a cafe down the road looked plainly like ordinary vanilla. It tasted ordinary at first (if home made ice-cream can taste ordinary) but like a second wave, the powdery floral notes crested in…. Read More ›

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