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A Gem of an Idea: Christmas 2012 Palette

On short notice, I suddenly found myself supervising the colour scheme for the coupons to be used during my church’s upcoming Christmas Bazaar.

Small job yes, but these coupons will have a high visibility from the time they are sold (a month from now) right up to the day itself, when it will be the only currency that pays for handcrafted gifts, shiny gadgets, soft scarves, patchwork quilts and Christmas ribbon.

The bazaar coupons had to look festive, like how the end of the year feels, and warm, like Christmas.

I had a nice chat with the graphic designer. Chatting with a graphic designer is a lot like visiting a tailor to get a dress done. You go over sample swatches of colour in the Pantone colour guide, and match contrasting colours in terms of their hues and intensity.

Like tailoring a dress, it’s hard to imagine the finished product. Somehow the dress never looks like it jumped out of the pages of Vogue or Elle magazine, even if it is copied from Vogue or Elle. The tones are never the same, and the fit — you either feel a thrill when you put it on or tears start welling up. “It’s not what I had in mind.”

But experience must count for something. An experienced designer and a customer who knows what she wants.

I look forward to seeing how the bazaar coupons materialize. Like tailoring, there’s a few stages to ensure the end product is what I had in mind.

I chose rich jewel tones reminiscent of tourmaline and ruby, with a hint of gold. I like the idea of us exchanging jewel-toned paper for beautiful handcrafted things and fun gifts that bring a smile to the one it’s for.

I hope it works.

What are your favourite colours?


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  1. Have you selected a Graphic Designer yet? May I recommend a young, eclectic designer for consideration? Her name is Dylan. Your project could just be the breakout opportunity she needs – plus she is quite inexpensive as a designer at this point in her career! [A S$50 iTunes gift card should do it. Cheap!]

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