Letters of Life

The Strangest Gift

Truth: The strangest gift I’ve ever received was a tooth.

I was not yet 25, perhaps. It was a large tooth, a tooth of wisdom, exhibiting signs of wear and tear, plaque, and roots and all.

“Here,” said the giver, extending the tooth to me in an open palm. “I’m giving you a part of me.”

For many years, the tooth was housed in a small matte-silver musical box made in the baroque style, the kind with gold trimmings and tiny gold legs, lined with mustard velvet inside.

As I moved houses, the tooth also moved lodgings and it upgraded from its baroque home to its final resting place in a Japanese lacquered musical box, lying amid long pearl necklaces and other accessories I’d grown out of.

The owner of the tooth, the giver of this strange gift, remains, and one cannot look a gift horse in the mouth.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been given? Tell me!


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