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Month: October 2012

The Unknowing

Now for something bloggers are allowed to do every once in a while, i.e., write something so about themselves without sparing a thought to their readers that it’s as indulgent as eating a small box of chocolates alone in a roomful of chocolate lovers. I allow myself to do this at least once a year… Read More ›

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Sharing, Not Just Giving

A morning spent with my friend, Dr Tan Lai Yong, a former missionary who is now a resident fellow at the local university, always sets me thinking. Lai Yong recently returned to Singapore for good after 14 years doing humanitarian work in Kunming, China, and remains deeply involved in volunteerism and community service. Whether it… Read More ›

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Dylan, 16, stands by the rushing waters of the Aare, green with glacial silt, at the village of Goldswil, in Interlaken, Switzerland. June 2012.  Be still By the rushing of the river Be still By the light of the summer sun The cold creeps Freezing memories of summer in the meadows of the mountains And… Read More ›

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Of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

There are no seasons where I live, only weather that is either hot and dry or hot and wet. The sun has been shining fiercely for weeks now. There’s a restlessness that comes before a storm, and I dream of when the Northeast monsoon winds will finally carry rain from the waters of the South China… Read More ›

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Train’s crowded it’s only 11.30 ah the last carriage not so full stand near those polytechnic students sure to get off at Macpherson [Ping] Gotta use the gent’s when I get off oh Serene what does she want now how was Papua New Guinea? guess i’ll post more pictures on facebook let’s see Chopin or the Beatles feel… Read More ›

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Conversations (Part II)

To my newest subscribers, Thank you so much for all the likes and warm comments on featherglass, which I deeply thank the people at Freshly Pressed for publicising. Last weekend has been quite surreal, and it was amazing to feel connected to the blogging world like never before. I hope you’ll keep visiting featherglass: the… Read More ›

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Childhood (Part 3): In Praise of Sindy

Recently, this story How Barbie Crushed Sindy appeared on the BBC website. Such a sensational headline, but it is true. The Sindy doll, created on the other side of the pond four years after Barbie (1959), always played second fiddle to her more glamourous American sista, Barbie. Sindy was a present on my ninth birthday, and she… Read More ›

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La Dolce Vita

An old teaching consultant and an old hack strolled into a chichi French cafe awash with sunlight and tourists. The old teacher held forth on the benefits of four-hour sleep patterns, cholesterol, and the kingdom of Catalonia, while the old hack tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of the waiters who were playing a kind… Read More ›

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