Letters of Life

Conversations (Part II)

To my newest subscribers, Thank you so much for all the likes and warm comments on featherglass, which I deeply thank the people at Freshly Pressed for publicising. Last weekend has been quite surreal, and it was amazing to feel connected to the blogging world like never before. I hope you’ll keep visiting featherglass: the magazine and would love for you to share your thoughts with me.  

And now, for something completely different.

This is a picture of a bookmark I stuck in a book and gave to someone.

This is the dialogue which followed.

Me: It reminds me of the Gucci stripe.

Friend: Um.

Me: But it’s not real Gucci. I found it on a roll of ribbon in Saigon. It makes a really cool bookmark.

Friend: Yay, it looks like typewriter ribbon.

Me: Yeah, just in Gucci colours . . .

Friend: Yeah. Gucci colours.

Me: But it’s not real Gucci, it’s fake Gucci.

Friend: Oh no! It’s fake Gucci!

Me: I would never buy Gucci. Do I look like I —

Friend: It’s a fake Gucci-fake typewriter ribbon ribbon.

*               *               *

Ever have conversations like that, where it seems the trompe l’oeil* is real? If you have, leave a comment! 

* French trompe-l’œil, literally, deceives the eye

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4 Responses »

  1. This is funny.. Not the fake funny..

  2. Most things are like that kind of thing. I thingk.

  3. Yes, but do two fakes make one real? 😀

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