Letters of Life


Photography Siow Yu-Ming, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2012.

Train’s crowded it’s only 11.30 ah the last carriage not so full stand near those polytechnic students sure to get off at Macpherson [Ping] Gotta use the gent’s when I get off oh Serene what does she want now how was Papua New Guinea? guess i’ll post more pictures on facebook let’s see Chopin or the Beatles feel like the rolling stones Monday kinda music After Andy and the — Next stop City Hall –session with the twins Need to explain to Andy quadratic equations especially when equations can’t be factorized give him more challenging problems hardworking 15-year-olds wasn’t like that Canon delighting you always hmm they shouldn’t advertise women’s lingerie in stations make my music louder foreign workers are laughing so loudly Susan Liz Diane and  who? wow, Evelyn she hasn’t liked my posts for a long time thought she left Facebook — next stop Somerset — how did my shoe get that scuff? dang! Just got it on Saturday that salesman at Dunhill sure was good  should go there for Dad’s birthday why is that woman always looking at me she looks tired ouch my back ouch when I straighten must see Dr Tan Please mind the platform gap nice nurses at the Omni pain center Hi Cindy, yes, let’s have lunch tomorrow? The Blue Planet, 1pm? : ) Send  She always dresses nicely wear my old checks don’t want to encourage her she’s engaged Hey Ashley just liked my update where’s hers? Like.

This is my first attempt at stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s not a style I found inspiring to emulate, although I admire Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, Virginia Woolf, and tried to read Hubert Selby Jr’s Last Exit to Brooklyn. I used to think this kind of prose self indulgent. But the attempt proved insightful. It is not easy producing interior monologue that follows the random footwork of the mind, much less a character you are sketching out. Not easy at all. How the mind wanders, in response to outside stimuli, to the beast (or angel) within, can be revealing and I’d like to explore this in future posts. Stream-of-consciousness is a good way to explore creative writing, especially if one can let go of the rules of puncutation, which is something I adhere to very strictly. *smile*


Your thoughts on stream-of-consciousness writing? Love to hear them! 

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  1. This is dizzily good.

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