Letters of Life

Month: November 2012

The Adventure of My Life

On a quiet evening in February this year, I listened to two Singaporeans describe what it was like being part of a Christian network helping the people of East Timor—one of Asia’s poorest countries—rebuild this once-forsaken country, town by town, household by household, family by family. For far too long, East Timor had suffered terribly,… Read More ›

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A Thread of Anticipation

‘How lovely that bit of gossamer is!’ thought the princess, looking at a long undulating line that shone at some distance from her up the hill. It was not the time for gossamers though; and Irene soon discovered that it was her own thread she saw shining on before her in the light of the… Read More ›

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The Land of Faerie

Here I lay in a delicious reverie for some time, during which all lovely forms and colours and                                          sounds seemed to use my brain as a common hall . . . –George MacDonald The realm… Read More ›

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The Unchanging

The more things change, the more things stay the same. — French novelist Alphonse Karr (1808-90). My last post was two weeks’ ago. No, I didn’t go anywhere. Yes, maybe I did. I thought I was in transition in a metaphysical sense, and I was waiting to get off the train. But I’m journeying across… Read More ›

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