Letters of Life

The Unchanging

My life is measured out in coffee spoons. . .

The more things change, the more things stay the same. — French novelist Alphonse Karr (1808-90).

My last post was two weeks’ ago. No, I didn’t go anywhere. Yes, maybe I did. I thought I was in transition in a metaphysical sense, and I was waiting to get off the train. But I’m journeying across undulating territory, bits of the familiar amid the strange, and it’s exciting in a slow-burn sort of way.

Seven things I’ve learned while I’ve been away from featherglass:

1. Losing my focus while running causes me to lose my cadence–the set number of strides per minute–and I slow down. This applies to everything that requires focus. The littlest distraction can work against me in the biggest way.

2. Sipping water every so often is better than drinking two glasses at one go. It will also keep very bad headaches away whenever I do a run that is more than 8 km.

3. It’s good to pause before speaking. Even if you know what you want to say.

4. Better to wake up early than to sleep in, even if every cell and fibre in your body wants to lie supine for another two minutes. Get up-up!

5.  Reading good poetry is good for the soul and mind. Poetry is best read in a book, not off a lighted screen, even though the internet is a good way to find your way into all kinds of poetry.

6.  Keep an open mind.

7. Be honest in your speech. Even if it means putting a foot in one’s mouth. At least you come across human.

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  1. For me,
    8. Bible is best read off it’s pages than the retina display to score in a speed-reading game.

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