Letters of Life

Walking In The Rain

Being in the tropics means that rain-walking is summer-cool, not harsh with sleet and snow.  And I’ve been walking in the rain all morning.

Ponds formed where the pavement dipped, and the ten of us sloshed through them, getting wetter as raindrops dripped onto our heads and shoulders under shared umbrellas meant for one. Socks and running shoes were soaked, and our dri-fit tees were damp but not clingy. The conversation was as slow and steady as the drizzle that encompassed us, a wet embrace in a cool morning.

I’ve always liked walking in the rain. And it’s true that there’s a purifying effect.

I’ve come in from the rain now, after a warm breakfast in a neighbourhood Indian coffee shop and a wet trek back to the car. Rain-walking is tiring somehow, and being up since dawn is now taking its toll.

The next best thing to walking in the rain? Right. A cat nap.


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