Letters of Life

Month: July 2013

Flash Fiction: Tapestries

It was the radio that started it. The song lifted the portcullis of memories associated with adolescence and led right up to the present. It came to him that not so long ago, he had let her hear it.

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In the Moment

I found this draft of what I call a ‘mood piece’ written more than a year ago; words attempting the capture of an instant, words more about emotion and sentiment than about having anything important to say.

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What I’m Reading

In Muriel Barbery’s┬áThe Elegance of the Hedgehog, we enter the mind of a precocious 12-year-old French girl through entries in her journal, and this excerpt describes her experience sitting on the benches of the school gym at the performance of her school choir. The scene is set thus: So yesterday, off I headed to the… Read More ›

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Today, Saturday, is a brand new morning. The skies haven’t been this blue for a long time, and the early-morning clouds are feathery, fluffy, full of glee. On such a morning, all the runners are out in the open. They’ve slipped on their runners, turned on their running apps, and have, with grateful abandon, hit… Read More ›

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