Letters of Life

Month: August 2013

A Run by the Sea

Living thirty minutes from the sea, I rarely go there except on long weekends, and most likely not at seven in the morning.  But the past month has seen me drive into the parking lot at Carl’s Junior on Saturdays when the sky is darkly tinted and there’s a strong breeze rustling the pillars of… Read More ›

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Fit to Write: On Becoming a *Real* Runner

Eight weeks ago, I signed up and, what’s more important, paid up, for a half marathon, or what’s known in running parlance as a half. Prior to this, I’d sworn off joining any more races. In my last three 10K races, I’d clocked no PRs (personal records), nursed a heavy head and suffered post-race hydration… Read More ›

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French Blue

* This Hilton McConnico installation is made up of coloured leather patches from Hermès, both on bird and cat.

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An Everlasting Smile

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Time Suspended

Something that I saw back when . . . Look closely at the time.  It’s somewhere between eleven and twelve o’clock, but such a placement of hands never was seen on an ordinary watch. This fantasy hour is created by the artist who had the glass removed and twirled the hands.  You could say it’s… Read More ›

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