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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside the Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Inside a quiet courtyard in the Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

Every week, The Daily Post from WordPress issues writing and photography challenges. They are fun and I thought this particular theme profound. To take part, I should share a photo that says INSIDE.

The word INSIDE recalled to mind an old hit called “Inside” by blind American country singer Ronnie Milsap.

She tries for the honesty, but the truth gets in the way
‘Cause I know inside what she can’t bring herself to say

I was only eighteen when I first heard Inside, myself getting over childish heartaches and heartbreaks, and so the song has never left me, but remains in the catacombs of memory.

Inside if she knew I hurt this way

Inside she’d find a reason to stay

And so I must keep this broken heart down deep inside

Another view of INSIDE brings us to the Raffles hotel, built when Singapore was a colony of the British empire. It is 126 years old, with a luxury of space and light which few modern hotels nestled in the heart of the city enjoy today. Verandas as broad as small apartments, high-ceilinged tiffin rooms and dark teak floors sweep you back to a quieter age, where ladies in long full skirts had elevenses and high tea sitting in courtyards like the one above, surrounded by a colonnade of white-washed columns.

She turns to look at me, trying to speak her mind
A thousand reasons in search of a single rhyme
And suddenly it occurs to me she’s trying to say goodbye
So I give her a smile and tell her that I’ll be alright
But inside, I die a little each day

Ever since young I have loved old things and old places, and the Raffles is a part of my own storied past. Visiting this grand old lady of a hotel just the other day, I was glad to find that, on the surface at least, some things don’t change. That is a difficult thing to achieve, especially in the face of relentless progress and the move of time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this window into the inside of things this side of Paradise.

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  1. I like this , it’s a lovely photo don’t you think x


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