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Now Settled, A Word of Thanks


It’s been quite a ride getting published in Freshly Pressed. I realize there’s a  lovely group of editors and writers in the WordPress community who work hard sifting, shortlisting, and using their well-honed “built-in, shockproof, bullshit detectors” (Hemingway) to curate an interesting site that looks constantly freshly-pressed. Warm thanks.

Appreciate all of you fellow readers, writers and bloggers who read my little rant about the little app that seems to have taken over many of our news feeds on Facebook, liked and reblogged the post (to show solidarity) and also to those who shared their thoughts. To my new readers who’ve subscribed to featherglass, I only hope I don’t disappoint.

It’s interesting how it was only after the post that I was clued in on people who used the comic app to the best of their ability, with smart, witty, and sometimes irreverent words; it’s like the Bitstrips I never knew. So thanks for the links, those who left comments, and keep at it, you creative folks.

I did not highlight what I thought worthwhile about the app since the post was supposed to help me chill (as I’ve been advised to by the odd reader or so). The app’s greeting card templates, for example, are cuter than an e-card, because all that time spent customizing a card shows someone you care.

I’m going to Cambodia for the rest of the week, and will see you when I get back.

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