Letters of Life



I wasn’t good at being affable. You get beyond that and realise the attraction in any human being has more to do with what they give to someone rather than just being face candy. — Alison Moyet

The answer I found is you stay away from the people who make fun of you, and you join these ad hoc groups who understand your craziness.  — Ray Bradbury

If you’ve been on this earth as long as I have, you find that sometimes, these ad hoc groups come out and look for you. One doesn’t have to apply because thankfully, they’ve already offered you membership.

Why? In part because they have met you a long time ago and have come to know and accept you with all the quirks that come with the package. Others are themselves differentiated, and so know a kindred spirit when they see one.

To these differentiated ones, they don’t call it crazy, more like special.

Someone described me thus the other day. To find that definition still holds, after all this time (we’re talking decades here), well, that’s pretty special too.





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