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The journey through life is imbued with the realm of the spiritual. My adventures in both and my walk with the Lord Jesus.

Thoughts After Week One of Lent

Day 8 of Lent This Lent, I’ve added an all-day fast on Monday and Friday on top of the abstinence from the social networks. Monday’s fast was relatively easy, though there were hunger pangs. But I kept my thoughts on others, like a friend and her high-risk brain surgery, and another friend whose teenaged son… Read More ›

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All of the Above

Starting today, 25th February 2010, I am going on a journey. Destination: Unknown. The journey ends 4th April, which in the Christian calendar is Resurrection Sunday, when Christ rose from the dead after being entombed 3 days. Yes, ’tis the season of Lent. Lent runs 40 days prior to Resurrection Sunday, and for believers, it… Read More ›

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