Letters of Life

My Top Posts on the Christian Life

Never look back. Something might be gaining on you. — Satchel Paige

A compilation of posts where I reflect on what I believe in.

Some of them have to do with seasons in the Christian calendar, such as Easter. Some of them with church life, in which I’m blessed to be able to immerse myself in. These build up my soul far more than I realize.

Reading them, you might identify yourself with the themes written about, and I hope some of the posts encourage you. If you’ve enjoyed reading them, do send the link on to people you think might benefit.

A Day at the Fair Reflections after a church Christmas bazaar 2010, three months to prep, one day to serve!

Five Things You Might Want to Know About Mission Trips An attempt to dispel the myths that mission trips are simply holy holidays.

How You Can Fight Off Spiritual Lethargy Written after I realized this was happening to me.

How Your Mind Is Like A Dollhouse Sometimes This came about after a struggle and a sacrifice and an emptying of the self in a bid to submit and obey

Coming Back to Earth Some thoughts immediately after coming back from the Hillsong Conference 2010 in Sydney, Australia

I Never Believed This Was Possible, But Now I Do What it means when the Spirit moves within

A Week of Friends, Musicians and Angels How people and friends appear out of the blue to befriend and keep you going when things get tough

All of the Above The start of my 40-day journey into Lent and giving up things dear to me

Easter Weekend How I ended a 40-day observance of Lent, a journey of personal sacrifice

Blog Quote of the Day Blog quote of the day: God-Likeness

This page will get updated from time to time, especially as newer posts on the theme come in. If you have any questions or thoughts, please ask or leave a comment.

Tell me what you think.

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