Letters of Life

On Love & Friendship

We are the artisans, and we’ve been crafted. . .

Here is where you’ll find my best posts about love and friendship: A  collection brimming with word pictures, music videos, ideas; an assortment of stories pulled from a life lived long on earth (yet not long enough).

Whenever I dwell on the themes of love and friendship, some concepts emerge: Reciprocity, for true friendship is always a two-way street of give-and-take, chemistry, for good friendships are nothing without the X factor of connecting and identification on some deeper level, and a sense of comfort—by way of gladness—and of hope which, through friendship, seasons our days.

A Heart of Thanksgiving What a true friend is.

Serendipity A post inspired by a conversation with an old friend.

Round and Round A prelude to the post on my Top 5 List of Romantic Things and a nostalgic look at some well-crafted lyrics.

Coffee and Biscotti The meaning of good conversation. This is one of my all-time favourite posts; about chats in the midnight hour and the imagination running wild.

When Words Are More Than Enough Sometimes the gift of words is the best gift a friend can give

August Moon Written just before my birthday, inspired musings on a year past and various friendships

The Not-So-Random Connection Or how friendships can span generations

Word of The Day A 21st century word of the day, the Skype date

Old Words, Old Rooms The permanence of prose and the ephemeral nature of connections

Lessons from a Ski Slope (II) How a sport can reveal the truth about friendships

Clues That Someone Has A Crush On You My theory on 21st century clues of the age-old human connection

My Top Five List of Romantic Things I had a lot of fun writing this.

A Song of Summer Or how a song can trigger memories of long-ago summers and long-forgotten names and faces

Don’t Dream It’s Over The reason this blog came about and how it was inspired by the blessings of multi-layered friendships

Walkin’ Away The death of a friendship

Both Sides Now  Another personal favourite, about a new friendship with an old friend

What are your thoughts on the nature of friendship? Romance? Love? What are some of your thoughts about the connections people make? In this global virtual world, are friendships enhanced and deepened, or are they encouraged to remain in the shallows?  Do leave a comment!

Tell me what you think.

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