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French Blue

* This Hilton McConnico installation is made up of coloured leather patches from Hermès, both on bird and cat.

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A Conversation About The Artist Damien Hirst

For some years now, a young artist called Eric has been living next door to me. We see each other at odd times, mostly at the lift landing in our apartment block, he on the way to the gym, me to the market or to Tiffany’s. I’ve been to his exhibitions locally, though he often… Read More ›

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Why There’s A Wolf At My Door

In one word, Polyvore. When I should be writing in this space, I am instead “playing at paper dolls” online, as The New Yorker magazine describes what users do on this style site, cutting and pasting and being fashion editor when I should just be—an editor. Polyvore, created by three men with little or no… Read More ›

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