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Fit to Write: On Becoming a *Real* Runner

Eight weeks ago, I signed up and, what’s more important, paid up, for a half marathon, or what’s known in running parlance as a half. Prior to this, I’d sworn off joining any more races. In my last three 10K races, I’d clocked no PRs (personal records), nursed a heavy head and suffered post-race hydration… Read More ›

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The Papa Hemingway Writing Challenge

In answer to the Weekly Writing Challenge this week, I’m pulling my archive drawers open and riffling through old posts for “a bloated, nasty, air-filled paragraph.” Then, I’m to “edit it until it cries for mercy.”  I’ve chosen several lines from my introductory post on featherglass for butch— I mean, editing. The post is about… Read More ›

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Of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

There are no seasons where I live, only weather that is either hot and dry or hot and wet. The sun has been shining fiercely for weeks now. There’s a restlessness that comes before a storm, and I dream of when the Northeast monsoon winds will finally carry rain from the waters of the South China… Read More ›

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La Dolce Vita

A teaching consultant and an ex-journalist strolled into a chichi French cafe awash with sunlight and tourists. The old teacher held forth on the benefits of his four-hour sleep patterns, cholesterol, and the kingdom of Catalonia, while she, the old hack, tried unsuccessfully to get the attention of the waiters who were playing a kind… Read More ›

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