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Word of the Day: Shadow Friend

At the very least, a friend is someone you know. In the world of social media, it’s someone whose face you recognize and can name. You might have 568 friends on Facebook, but you aren’t actually real friends with all of them, are you? The thing about social media is that if you spend any… Read More ›

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Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the reflective season that precedes Easter. Ash Wednesday is the first of 40 days of prayer and fasting and for some of us, going without something we indulge in, by comparison a very small act of renunciation to remind ourselves of the great sacrifice Christ made… Read More ›

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Validation: 1. Finding or testing the truth of something; 2. Affirmation, support, or confirmation. Validate comes from the root word valid, which has its Latin root in validus: “strong, effective”, which in turn comes from the word valere—be strong, or valiant. So when someone says something good about you or your skill, or what you’ve… Read More ›

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Almost there: Day 34/40 of Lent 2011

This Lent has been quiet. Calm. No relapses that I’m ashamed of. I haven’t felt deep urges to step into a store. I walk briskly through malls to get groceries for dinner, make a key, do a quick lunch or pedicure. As for Facebook, I like being off the hook. No need for Newsfeeds, don’t… Read More ›

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Stepping In Where Angels Fear To Tread

After a prolonged enforced absence on the online social network, I ventured back, mainly to send a message to a new friend who lives abroad. For what was the first time in 40 days, I entered the home page and scrolled down the news feed. It was like the party I’d dropped out of was… Read More ›

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Markers: How Creating Starting/Ending Points Can Define Your Days

Eversince I started on a 40-day abstinence from Facebook (yes, I am a Facebookaholic), the speed at which real-life events have crowded in and overtaken me has caught me unawares. I intentionally fell off the Facebook map because the virtual life was getting its hooks into me and making me more of a virtual person… Read More ›

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Trends: A Look At Facebook Profiles

A feed about blogging suggests analysing forums, Twitter, and social networks to find out what people are ¬†talking about, ¬†what interests them, what’s bugging them, and then look for ways to help. I’ve been trawling around Facebook, visiting friends’ pages, (it’s amazing the details I miss on the Facebook landing page) reading the chatter, all… Read More ›

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RePost: Wasting Time with God

A blog I subcribe to, The Website of Unknowing by a Christian thinker, Carl McColman, wrote something so interesting I decided to retweet–or is it repost–an excerpt. Background: This writer blogs and writes books about the contemplative life of a Christian. In fact, he had just finished writing, editing, and proofing a book about it…. Read More ›

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