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Still on Hillsong

So Luki sent this and it made my day. This is good writing, because he writes the way he speaks, which is deceptively easy. Thank you for writing such nice things about me in your blog!!! I just read it and it made me reaaalllyyy happyy !!! Haha.. Thank you for doing that for all… Read More ›

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Coming Back to Earth

A week after Conference, and photos are still being uploaded onto Facebook. It prolongs the experience, obviously. It keeps us together, subconsciously. (Yeah, Chris Nolan’s Inception did that to me.) It makes me wonder, index finger on mouth Hello Kitty-like, why it was a week away from home like no other. This medley, performed by… Read More ›

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There and Back Again

It’s almost surreal to think that just seven days ago, I was plonked into Fall weather–grey skies, weather that demanded three layers to shield from a nip in the air and a biting wind–and then, in a blink of seven hours, was whisked back into the humid tropics, though tonight is cool and breezy by… Read More ›

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