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I Need A Day to Remember Her Name

Is it because her name, as posted on social media, is so very long? Or exotic? Or strange-sounding? Is it because the person who wrote that comment wrote in a language that wasn’t native to him? Maybe he meant that after that day, after seeing that photograph, he would not ever forget the name of… Read More ›

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In the Moment

I found this draft of what I call a ‘mood piece’ written more than a year ago; words attempting the capture of an instant, words more about emotion and sentiment than about having anything important to say.

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Masks: What are you wearing today?

It’s such a complex thing, this wearing of masks. For every friend, every person, I put on a special mask. I used to think I could be my truest self with people I trusted, people who loved me unconditionally, but there are limits to what even these souls can take. Granted, some masks are more… Read More ›

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How Life Is A Lot Like Coffee

I rarely do this, posting a link which constitutes an entire post. There are slight didactic undertones here, but the content, like the coffee in a cup, is what matters more. If you’d had a rough day, a tiring day, this might help. How Life Is A Lot Like Coffee. Please click. Thanks. Your thoughts? … Read More ›

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