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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Dylan, 16, stands by the rushing waters of the Aare, green with glacial silt, at the village of Goldswil, in Interlaken, Switzerland. June 2012.  Be still By the rushing of the river Be still By the light of the summer sun The cold creeps Freezing memories of summer in the meadows of the mountains And… Read More ›

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More Things To Do This Summer (Part 2)

For my readers in the Northern Hemisphere who are, I hope, living things up in the summertime. Because the top post here still remains the Top 10 Things To Do This Summer. Here are more. 1. Go on a short vacation with friends of the same gender The word ‘summer’ and ‘roadtrip’ go together like… Read More ›

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Under Grace, In the Flow

Standing still and calm Yet going at jet speed Going somewhere wonderful yet Not going anywhere at all Standing in the flow Awash in streams of light Etched in feathered glass These are my airplane summers. This is my 40th day of a second Lenten season. A quiet day by all accounts, but eventful just… Read More ›

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Disney Faze

Ever get that trapped feeling in any of the Disneylands of the world? The saccharine colours, the overpriced souvenirs, the preponderance of Mickey, hidden and otherwise, the mind-deadening jingle-like songs, the vastness of the grounds, the lines for rides and shows, all make the place much too much larger-than-life, loud, and tiring after a while…. Read More ›

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