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Where I live my friends refer to as Manhattan, largely because of the district and because the interior is reminiscent of a New York pied-à-terre. In Manhattan gather some of the coolest, most precious bunch of God-loving people I know. Lately, there had grown an aura, like a silent disesase, within the group, ensnaring odd… Read More ›

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Transient Thoughts in Transit

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, although that might not be far from the truth. So much has been happening, all good, thanks be to God, that I have been, for some time now, at a loss for words. Thoughts and ideas are percolating inside, quite unlike the latest espresso-brewing machine which… Read More ›

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Maundy Thursday 2011

In the Christian calendar, this is Holy Week in the runup to Easter and today is known as Maundy Thursday. Growing up in the Methodist church, I used to see this name oft-printed in the church’s calendar of events and it’s become a part of my unused vocabulary. Like most unused words in my treasury… Read More ›

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Lenten Thoughts

Lent 2011 is approaching. On Wednesday, March 16th, Day One of a 40-day period of Lent starts, signalling for us who choose, the start of a journey of the soul. Giving up something we like, something worthy of sacrifice, is always worth doing. Why? Because it bears the “peaceful fruit of righteousness.” In chapter 12… Read More ›

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How You Can Fight Off Spiritual Lethargy

Eversince moving out of my 10th floor aerie and moving under a family member’s roof a month ago, I sense that not only am I under a different authority, but that I’ve entered a different spiritual realm. Ever felt that way when you stayed in a place that’s not your own for a spell longer… Read More ›

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