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When You Get Onto The Computer

American blogger-author-social media marketer ┬áSeth Godin, (Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, 2010) and founder of Squidoo.com, a single-page website generator, provocatively titled his recent blog post thus: “The First Thing You Do When You Get On Your Computer.” His post was the idea that if the first thing you do when you get on the computer… Read More ›

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One Way You Can Slow Down Time

If you want time to slow down, start running. This applies to distances of more than two km. Time slows down in direct proportion to distance: The longer the run, the slower time gets. It’s perception. But isn’t all of life perception? I’ve never been so aware of the 45 minutes or the 60 minutes… Read More ›

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Markers: How Creating Starting/Ending Points Can Define Your Days

Eversince I started on a 40-day abstinence from Facebook (yes, I am a Facebookaholic), the speed at which real-life events have crowded in and overtaken me has caught me unawares. I intentionally fell off the Facebook map because the virtual life was getting its hooks into me and making me more of a virtual person… Read More ›

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