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Seven Days in Timor Leste (Part 3): Parting Shots

Save the best for last. There’s more to Timor Leste than most of the world knows right now. It’s a third world country, remote, often overlooked because it’s at the edge of the eastern archipelago of Indonesian islands. It’s not a must-go destination even for the intrepid among us. Mongolia, Peru and the Galapagos Islands… Read More ›

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Seven Days in Timor Leste (Part 2): Time with the Students

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A Whole New World

Liquiçá, Timor-Leste — Being in a young country like Timor-Leste feels so new it’s like being in a big field of grass and watching, watching. For what, nobody can quite say. In conversation with the young Timorese, I tell them that their country has much potential to become a magnet for jaded travellers, for people… Read More ›

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