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Where I live my friends refer to as Manhattan, largely because of the district and because the interior is reminiscent of a New York pied-à-terre. In Manhattan gather some of the coolest, most precious bunch of God-loving people I know. Lately, there had grown an aura, like a silent disesase, within the group, ensnaring odd… Read More ›

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Waiting for a Star to Fall: The Birthing of a Song

For my friend, Royston. Sometimes a song waits for the right people to come along to bring it to completion. Most times, the composer is merely a a tool in the hands of the Maker, the Creator, from whom all things come. And if the tool gets sullied or tainted in the process, well then,… Read More ›

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How You Can Fight Off Spiritual Lethargy

Eversince moving out of my 10th floor aerie and moving under a family member’s roof a month ago, I sense that not only am I under a different authority, but that I’ve entered a different spiritual realm. Ever felt that way when you stayed in a place that’s not your own for a spell longer… Read More ›

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